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October Artwalk

The cool October air coaxed out the crowds at this past First Wednesday Artwalk. And the creatives of Jacksonville, Florida crowded the streets offering up their art and performances. It was the last night of the Always Summer Poster Show at the W.A.Knight building along with the delicious menu of Dig Foods. Next to Burrito Gallery, the members of Molotov Cocktail Party, a local fire troupe, put on quite a show. Further down Adams Street was the packed Burro Bar with bikes hanging on street lamps and next door to that freestyle rap artists proved their skills to the gathering crowd.

I love autumn artwalks.

Downtown Jacksonville during the 2011 October artwalk at hemming plaza

fire dancers of Molotov Cocktail on adams treet in jacksonville florida

theresea lopez of molotov cocktail in jacksonville florida

street performers through out the downtown artwalk in jacksonville florida

freestyle rap in jacksonville florida during First Wednesday Artwalk

First Wednesday Artwalk and the lovely storm troopers

vendors and artist at First Wednesday Artwalk in jacksonville florida

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